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14. Misc. BP6 and Celeron stuff

14.1 Intel CPU Fans

If you're using the stock Intel fans that come with the boxed Celerons and don't see the fan speed reported by lm sensors or whatnot, don't panic; the Intel fans lack the third wire which is necessary for speed feedback. Matthew Burke suggests as a good source for cooling fans. [ed: Anyone recommend any others?]

14.2 loadlin vs LILO, GRUB etc

Bill Cleaver reports that his system won't boot an SMP kernel using loadlin, the DOS-mode kernel loader. I don't have any other info on this, but if you have trouble loading a kernel with loadlin, you might try another boot loader. The FAQ author's favorite is GRUB, although the traditional LILO should work as well. If you're stuck without a way to load your system, you should be able to boot a UP kernel with loadlin.

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